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Sacred Spaces


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Whilst increasingly rarefied in practice, the role of art for the modern church continues to be explored, questioned and debated, yet its application is often poles apart; divided between the imposition of an externally referenced monument to a known artist that risks transforming the sacred space into gallery and the overly inward-looking community/ folk art/craft generated through engagement with a small section of the congregation that reflects ideas of the Church as a narrow community facility.

Knight’s research through varied modes of practice, partnership and co-creation methodologies explore a sense of place and ownership within a broader understanding of community without losing sight of the core functioning of the building as a site of worship.

By expanding the understanding of a religious life as lived through the public vehicle of the church’s greater architecture, Knight’s works enter an intimate material conversation with the liturgical and ceremonial life of the church.

Research Output

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Research Method

Building on an established relationship with Fr. Andrew O’Connor dating back some 25 years, Knight encouraged this enquiry to be a fully collaborative process between artist and user group, namely here the church community.

Key Methodologies:

Full Project Output

REF '21

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