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Re:mains is a collection of jewellery artefacts which form a multi-component output. This research, developed through iterative practice-based processes, explores the extent to which jewellery, created predominately using food waste, could serve as tools which enable the wearer to reflect on the everyday act of eating. The collection utilises a wide range of materials, including metal, leather, wood and food waste, alongside applied denaturing processes to create wearables, most notable of which were the Vanitas, Tongues and Sha-green series.

Re:mains has been disseminated at a series of national and international exhibitions since 2017.

Inspired by commonplace subjects found in still life paintings, Vanitas and Sha-green combined denatured vegetable and fruit peel veneers with other organic and non-organic material to create a series of abstract forms of mourning jewellery, reflecting on the melancholy of everyday acts of eating. In 2017 Vanitas claimed the Koyosha award for promising talent at Itami International Jewellery Exhibition in Japan. In 2019 Sha-green received the grand prix at Itami International Jewellery Exhibition in Japan, Preziosa Young 2020 in Florence, Italy and was also awarded in the category of objects at the Eco Sight exhibition and competition during Amber Trip XVII International Baltic Jewellery Show 2020.

Tongues transformed mango pits into tongue-like wearable forms by moulding food-dyed waste leather around them to create a range of visceral, fleshy neckpieces and brooches. This series more directly addressed the research question, with wearers at the Re:mains interactive events (2019), organized and led by Colley, commenting on eating being “such a regular event, I’ve never begun to contemplate anything about it” possibly indicating that the wearing of such jewellery can encourage reflections on the everyday act of eating. A Tongues neckpiece was selected for Body Control an international exhibition at Arnhem Museum, The Netherlands, 2019 - 2020.

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This research occurred through practical making and the exploration of a range of materials and processes which result in the creation of artefacts. Concepts and inspiration derive from Colley’s experience of living in and with her body, documenting her experiences and sensations through photography, drawing, collage and a range of 3D making processes, including CAD.

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