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The research ‘Human Simulation’ investigates how the human body, a person and various health concerns are being simulated in medical education by using standardised patients (SP). SPs work with medical students helping them practice their clinical and interpersonal skills. One aspect of the research focuses on the SP training and assessment in a simulation clinic, and the other one on specific simulation scenario of breaking bad news (BBN). In this scenario the SPs are portraying three distinct personality types with a pre-scripted repertoire of responses. The research identified previously unknown unscripted performative techniques in the SP work.

The data collection took place in 2016 during a field trip in the Surgical & Clinical Skills Center at University of Texas Medical School. As part of this Academy Research Fellowship, Koski developed performative methods to explore the tension between standardisation and authenticity in human simulation. She underwent training to become a standardised patient whilst inquiring into the trainers’ ways of directing the SP performance. To further understand the medical students’ task, she played the role of the physician and practiced delivering unfavourable medical information to the SPs.

This performative interview method recognises SPs as medical educators in their own right, eliciting their advice in character, in terms of what an appropriate way to proceed would be.

Research outputs include two documentary films, and a journal article. The output launched with an invited film screening and a discussion at the conference opening of the Health Humanities Consortium in Houston TX in 2017. After that both films have been exhibited in two solo shows (Kunsthalle Turku, Finland and Lawndale Art Center, US) and in five film festivals. The first peer-reviewed research article of this study, “I guess I didn’t like that word unfortunately” was published in Simulation for Healthcare in 2020.

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In the Surgical & Clinical Skills Center, standardized patients (SP) work with medical students to help them practice their clinical and interpersonal skills. For two months, Koski observed and filmed standardized patients’ work both in a classroom setting and in a simulation clinic environment.

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